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Help center TitanBet Predictions

1. Will you provide predictions for all matches available?
We provide tips only for selected matches that are verified by our team.

2. Which leagues and competitions are covered?
All major leagues of soccer.

3. What types of membership are available?
We offer three different types: one month, three months and six months membership.

4. What services does provide? is a registered professional sports tipping service.
We provide our customers with secure and profitable tips, offering high strike rate and guaranteed profit.

5. Is it safe to purchase online?
Payment processors we use are safest on the internet. They are constantly updating security so your payment is completely safe.

6. How will I receive tips?
On members only page you will get tips.

7. How many tips will I receive per day?
You will receive up to 1 tip per day.

9. Do you offer a money back guarantee?
We do not offer a money back guarantee. Money back guarantee is often being used by people to receive tips without paying.